Are YOU….

Tired of dating people who won’t commit and play head games?

In a marriage with a partner that feels more like a roommate?

On the brink of walking out on a long term relationship but aren’t sure if you should?

Frustrated that you aren’t magnetizing sexy, conscious and available partners?

Sick and tired of feeling like you give WAY more than you actually receive in your relationships?

Ready to enhance and experience deeper levels of joy and intimacy? Have clearer more authentic connection and communication in your relationship?

Imagine if….

You could feel empowered by your love life?

It was possible to experience ease in your partnership? Have hotter sex? And create deeper intimacy with your spouse?

If you could attract a partner into your life that was fully available, open and ready to commit to you wholeheartedly?

All of this is POSSIBLE. And I would love to show you how.

I’m Vanessa Petronelli. And I have made it my mission to guide women and couples in creating conscious transformation in their love lives.

I suffered for far too long in my dating life and relationships. Over the past decade I have committed myself to transforming my love life. And for the past six years I have been sharing my formula for relationship success and harmony to hundreds of women and couples who are ready to make some serious changes to this area of their life.

If you’re ready, I invite you to stay awhile and peruse my online home.

I am happy that you’re here.



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